What is Shuuwa

  • The Principles of Shuuwa

    Ever since our establishment in 1975, Shuuwa has endeavored to provide the finest ingredients to Japanese confectionery stores in quantity and with efficiency. Recent changes in diverse and global markets have presented wholesalers such as ourselves with new challenges.
    Changes affecting the global climate, the population of Japan and the need for successors, have become increasing obstacles to trade. Therefore, we believe at Shuuwa that we must play an active role as an entity – understanding the feelings of both consumers and producers from our important position point between the two.
    Maruke (まるけ, in Japanese) refers to the action bringing together cherry blossom leaves into a perfectly-formed bunch. It symbolises the way in which we wish to work together in harmony with our colleagues and partners.
    Takeru Ueda, CEO

  • [Shuuwa “Maruke” Vision Card]

    Bringing Harmony, Togetherness, and Vitality
    The “Maruke” Vision
    ~ The future of Shuuwa ~
    ・ To enrich Japanese culture
    ・ To deliver opportunities for development
    ・ To support leading producers & manufacturers
    ・ To bring the best of Japan to the Broader World
    ・ To foster entrepreneurship
    ・ To offer exceptional variety
    ・ To champion gender equality
    ・ To bring happiness to the workplace

  • To Enrich Japanese Culture

    We work towards a deeper understanding of the Japanese way of life
    ・ Working to expand and revitalise the industry together with leading producers
    ・ Bringing our materials and ingredients to a wider market, including Western styles
    ・ Promoting skilled craftsmanship and local manufacturing methods
    ・ Offering our culture to the world through quality Japanese ingredients
    With our passion and know-how at Shuuwa, we endeavor to bring the world together to celebrate and bring vitality to Japanese confectionery culture!

  • To Deliver Opportunities for Development

    We purchase and utilise products with expert cooperation
    ・ With flexible material sales which meet individual needs
    ・ By delivering useful information for sales promotion along with products
    ・ Bridging issues of manufacturing and processing to develop new opportunities
    Along with the finest Japanese materials, we support the development of the associated industry with solid support that we are uniquely positioned to provide.

  • To Support Industry-Leading Producers & Manufacturers

    We search for business models that can be sustained and refined
    ・ Working to match the locations of production and processing
    ・ Developing bespoke manufacturing process regionally
    ・ Offering regional tours to provide in-depth knowledge
    We set out to foster the shared values of producers and manufacturers and bridge them together in the pursuit of ever greater success.

  • To Bring the Best of Japan to the Broader World

    We foster international growth both outbound and inbound
    ・ Taking part in expos and striking deals internationally
    ・ Supporting sales to overseas supermarkets and hotels in line with their needs
    ・ Conducting exploratory tours of producers exporting to Japan
    Many domestic products of the highest quality are now available worldwide – but we set out to do even better. We take great pride in delivering the lesser-known charms of Japan to the broader world.

  • To Foster Entrepreneurship

    We support new business through a network of experts
    ・ Providing day one equipment support
    ・ Supporting procurement consultants
    ・ Collaborating with retailers and businesses in all regions
    ・ Consulting and exchanging industry know-how
    With our wealth of industry connections, we endeavor to build bridges towards new growth and innovation.

  • To Offer Exceptional Variety

    We set out to answer any given whim or request
    ・ Handling a rich variety of products and materials
    ・ Developing new channels with minimal reliance on existing routes
    ・ Implementing and utilising practices born from expert knowledge
    When it comes to the finest Japanese materials, Shuuwa is ambitious to become the best-known name in the industry – domestically and all over the world.

  • To Champion Gender Equality

    Innovate the industry with ideas from a female perspective
    ・ Expanding women’s employment
    ・ Arranging employment contracts with greater flexibility
    ・ Reducing packaging sizes and loads
    ・ Communicating safely and effectively with wholesalers
    We are dedicated to making our industry an environment in which women are able to reach their full potential. To this end, we work with our partners and clients at all levels to achieve success.

  • To Bring Happiness to the Workplace

    We establish reforms to facilitate work-life balance
    ・ Allowing flexibility in one’s role according to personal strengths and working hours
    ・ Offering roles to make best use of the experience cultivated in the field
    First and foremost, the happiness of our team members is paramount. Your progress is our progress as we continue to move ever onwards and upwards.

  • Looking Forward to Seeing You Again

    After the package has been placed down there’s time to spend a moment with our customers. We always look forward to this brief rendezvous.
    It is great to know how things are going for you and to listen to your thoughts. These on-the-spot exchanges are valuable to us. Shuuwa has been purchasing and delivering goods since our foundation and we feel that being personable and forthright is the best policy. We are always looking forward to seeing you once more.

  • The Shuuwa Story

    From the moment I cast my eyes upon the bright kumquat, shining like a light bulb, I remember feeling as if I were looking at something quite different, though deep down I knew it was only a fruit. When you see the process of the seeds being pulled out and the constant rhythm, you will be amazed at the technique. While the skill of the workers makes it seem easy, you can be assured that it is not the case.
    Many and varied products are developed with skilled hands such as these. Each process is special in its own way. Whenever I think about the intricate processes that go into production, I become eager to tell everyone about it. Shuuwa endeavors to spread these insights across the country and across the world. We hope we can pass on our excitement.