Shuuwa chestnut

So what makes Shuuwa’s chestnuts so different..?

Let’s take a moment to explain…

For Shuuwa, the dream was always to offer the most delicious sweet and cooked chestnuts, but for the best possible value. This ideal remains the same to this day.

Freshness is paramount. In the cultivation and production of chestnuts, it is believed that up to 80% of the taste is determined by the freshness alone. So, speed of management from harvest to process is really important in the quality of the product. Domestic chestnuts involve a lot of commitment and cost to harvest. But importing from China or further afar would delay the processing time and likely result in a loss of flavor, in addition to hardening from additives and preservatives. In fact, chestnuts continue to breathe after being harvested, so they still absorb water and nutrients from the moment they fall from the tree. The freshness of the nuts decreases day by day as a result – especially in hotter climates. At Shuuwa we care a lot about the post-harvest process.

Shuuwa scrupulously selects and imports the finest quality chestnuts (Japanese Tanzawa / Tsukuba variety) from Jinju City, in the southern tip of South Korea. Here, the land and climate is absolutely ideal for chestnut cultivation.

Water chilling keeps the temperature of the nuts below 5 ℃ to preserve that important freshness. The chestnuts are also processed in a low-temperature environment, boiled in sugar syrup at designated factories in Korea and Japan. We are proud to offer the unspoiled natural flavor and aroma of only the best chestnuts to our customers. Various sizes and quantities available.

Feel free to try a sample first!

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